Hello everyone! Today's post it a little bit of a different one: It's about education, not fashion or make up. I realized that there's so many more topics I could talk about, so here's one that's very important. This post was highly requested and I'm here to deliver :)

In this post I'd like to share with you what apps I use on my iPad when studying. I showed a few of these apps on Snapchat a few weeks ago and I was honestly so surprised to see how many of you were actually interested in seeing them. I got tons of questions on them, how I use them, if they're worth it etc. so in this post I'm going to talk about the apps I use and also the iPad I have and the pen I use to write on it.

Aaaaand because I know people are going to ask: I just finished my first year of university and I'm studying economics. Yes, it's a lot of maths but I like my major (even though I hate maths... weird right?)

When I was in my first semester of university I printed out every single lecture slide so I could write on it because I was used to taking notes on actual paper from school. BUT.. if you're a student yourself, you know that sometimes slides can be more than 80 pages long... per lecture. Long story short: printing all the slides is a waste of paper and so a waste of money. I had an iPad mini before, and I didn't really use it at university because it was too small to write on. Before my second semester started, I bought the iPad Pro 9.7''the Apple pencil and the Apple smart iPad keyboard. There's also an iPad in A4 size (12.9''), which would also be really convenient to write on, but I personally didn't think it was necessary for me, the 9.7'' size is big enough to write on.

Now, let's talk about the apps I use...

1. GoodNotes

This is hands down my favourite app and it's definitely worth the 10 bucks you have to spend on it. It's basically a note taking app (hence the name) and you can import your files (pdf, word documents etc.) from Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud etc. and then draw on it, write stuff on it, insert pictures from your camera roll, create new pages etc. etc. there's so many options! You can also write with your keyboard of course. I use my apple pencil to take notes on my slides and if I have to write longer paragraphs, not just notes, I'll use my keyboard because I'm faster that way.

Notability is basically the exact same app but it has a slightly different design. AND it has one option that GoodNotes doesn't have: it let's you record audio! Which is absolutely fantastic, especially during lectures when the lecturer is talking really fast. I personally haven't really tried it because as I said I prefer GoodNotes and I don't really need the audio recording option.

Here's an example of how my edited lecture slides look like:

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel & OneNote

I guess I don't really have to explain those programs/apps right? It's the same as on your laptop, you can create word, excel and powerpoint files, export/save them and open them again on your laptop. If you prefer taking notes on your laptop I would recommend you to use OneNote, you can also download it on your computer. I don't want to go into much detail how the program works because you can read everything online but it's what I use to write my summaries for my exams. It let's you categorize your notes and I find it really good for keeping an overview.

Scanner Pro

Honestly, this app saves my life. Guess how many times I had to turn on my scanner to scan a diagram in a book because I wanted to paste it in my summary on my laptop. I stopped counting, but those times are over girl, I'm here so save you! You can also take a picture of whatever you need in your document of course and then import it or sketch it real quick but that's not how I roll. Everything has to be good quality, look neat and organized. This app also takes a picture of what you want to "scan" but then it converts into a really clean image that looks like scanned. See yourself:


I'm sure there's tons of dictionary apps out there but this is the one I use and I think it's really good! There's tons of language packages you can download (free). There's also an audio option so you can hear how the word is pronounced.


I personally don't use Quizlet because I don't like studying with flash cards but if you do, it's an amazing app and website! It lets you create your own flashcards and you can study them on your iPad, on the website or on your phone and you can also print them out!


UPAD is an amazing app for planning. There's lots of different planners that you can choose from, write on with your pen.

Studien-Kal & Stundenplan

Those are basically apps where you can write down the schedule of your lectures and tutorials. Nothing too special about that.

Evernote & Any.do

I use Evernote & Any.do to write down to-do lists. That's it.


Easybib is an app that does all the citing for you. You can scan the ISBN number of the book you used and then you'll get all the information you need. Of course, always check if it's the style of citing your professor approves of because it depends from university to unverrsity and always check if it's correct!

Short Apple Pencil Review

With my iPad Mini I used an other pen (Adonit Jot). Before I bought it i did a loooooot of research and read a lot of blogs and watched youtube videos and almost all of them said it was the best on the market. I was disappointed because I thought it would be better, write exactly WHERE I want and that it would feel like a real pen and that writing on a screen would feel real. And it didn't.
THEN I found out about the apple pencil (I couldn't buy that one because it only works with the iPad Pro and back then I had the iPad Mini) and I tried it out in the store and I was incredibly impressed! It feels like you're writing on actual paper! There is a slight difference of course but after a few minutes you'll get used to it and I love writing and drawing on my iPad with it! It's quite expensive ($100) but it is definitely worth every cent! It's seriously one of the best purchases I've ever made. The battery lasts forever and if the battery's empty you only have to plug it into your iPad for 15 seconds and you can use it for 30 minutes (or charge it with the cable of course)! It's also really comfortable to write with, but there's two things I don't like: 1. it's really sleek and so it slips out of your hand often. Because of that I got a magnetic sleeve so I can attach it to my iPad when I use my keyboard and that I have some grip (I got mine on amazon). 2. It doesn't have a cap. And because it's so expensive I don't want to throw it in my pencil case or my bag. I want the tip to be protected so a) it doesn't scratch my iPad screen and b) so it lasts me a long time and doesn't get damaged. So I also got this set on amazon.

Short Apple Smart Keyboard

This keyboard is probably one of the best inventions apple has ever made. Not only is it wireless (doesn't need bluetooth either) and you don't need a cable. It connects with your iPad automatically when you set it up, it doesn't have it's own battery and so uses your iPads battery, so you never have to charge it! And the best thing about it is: it's so thin! I had an other keyboard before and it was thick and really bulky even tough it also was a case. I have to say though, because it's a little different to write with because of the thinness,you have to get used to it. And I wouldn't recommend it if you have to write a 6000 word essay or a bachelor thesis..... for a 3h lecture it's definitely fine but I still prefer my laptop keyboard for longer writing sessions. But you can't have everything right?

Finally, a "tip" from me: before you buy any app or device, do your research, watch youtube review videos and then make a decision.

I guess that's all for this post. If you still have questions, I'll be happy to answer them , just reach out to me :) Hope you liked this post and see ya soooon!

Pascale xx