HELLO FRIENDS! Ah it's been a busy few weeks. I've been to Albania/Kosovo to visit my a part of my boyfriends family there. It's crazy, we've been together for 6 and a half years and I've never been to his home country until a few weeks ago! After one week of balkan holidays me and my boyfriend went to Koh Samui, Thailand for two weeks and right after that my whole family and some of their friends, my best friend, my boyfriend and me went to Ibiza for a week. We were 13 people, rented a house and we had the best week ever! Now I'm back home slowly preparing myself for university that starts again in the middle of September. It's crazy how my first year of university went by, it felt like a blink of an eye!
And because university starts again soon, I bought myself a new desk. It's nothing too special, it's a simple and boring white desk. Since I'm not moving out any time soon, I didn't want to buy something really fancy because once I move out and get my own place I know exactly what every room's going to look like and that desk I have in mind for my own apartment would definitely not fit in the room that I have now.
Since it's back to school season and I got a new desk I thought I could share with you some accessories and stationary items that I got or that I find really cute. It should be an inspiration for you and also for myself. Keep in mind that some of those items are really simple but sometimes pricey so you can easily MAKE THEM YOURSELF! Just get some marble contact paper, some gold metallic spray paint and you're ready for your DIY project. There's lots of DIY videos on Youtube!

So, my new desk is white I wanted to go for all metallic/marble accessories (so basic I know). Having a work space you feel comfortable in is key when it comes to effective working/studying. I feel like having a cute and good looking desk is soooooo motivating! At least for me, when my desk looks neat and pretty I'm much more motivated to work on it than when it looks messy. Here are some items that I found online that I either already have or will/would definitely buy for my new desk. Hope you like my picks down below and let me know if you bought any of them because I'm curious to know if you guys have the same style as me!

Here's some other really amazing websites that I loooooove:

That's it for today. My next post is going to be all about planners! I think I'm going to start a little school/university related series on my blog because you all loved the post about the apps I use for studying. Until then, I hope you liked this blog post and I'll talk to you in my next one!