Who am I?
My name’s Pascale and I was born on the 25th of January in 1995 in the so called „heart of Switzerland“, in a town called Lucerne. When I was 5 years old I started figure skating, which was my biggest passion until I had to quit in 2011 because of an injury. That was a really tough time for me because I had to go from 100% (or should I say 500%? Because I practiced more than 20 hours a week) to 0%. But as lucky as I am, I met my boyfriend around that time and also discovered a new passion: fashion. I am currently studying economics and management at university, I play the piano and I love my dog Enzo more than anything else. 
I started posting on Tumblr in 2011 and then decided to create my own page, aka blog, to have my own little platform where I can show you my clothes and outfits. Since then I am also active on various social media platform such as Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr and Snapchat. This blog is about fashion, beauty, my travels, tips & tricks, inspiration, reviews, hauls and health & fitness. I hope you like it & enjoy your stay!
Frequently Asked Questions
What camera do you have? I have a Canon 80D, a GoPro Hero 4 and a Sony a5000. I film my videos with my Canon and also take pictures for my website with it. I use my GoPro mostly for travel videos and my Sony for Vlogs. All my pictures for Instagram are taken with my iPhone 7. 

How do you edit your pictures for Instagram? What apps do you use? It's different for every picture so I can't really tell you but I use Afterlight, VSCO, Facetune, Snapseed and Enlight.

What are your favourite brands? 
Acne Studios, Self Portrait, Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Opening Ceremony

♡ How I started blogging/tips on how to start blogging

Social Media
Instagram: @viralvogue Youtube: Viral Vogue Tumblr: opulen-ce.tumblr.com Snapchat: pascalemiau Twitter: @pascalemeow
Facebook: Viral Vogue by Pascale Soundcloud (music I listen to): pascalemeow Spotify: Pascale Cecilia